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Our Edge

STB-DJL Human Link Inc.’s services are carried out to the highest standards, all procedures and terms and conditions are in accordance with the policies of the POEA. Our services do not simply entail supplying Overseas Filipino Workers to foreign principals. We believe in the principle that both parties should benefit from the company-arranged employee-employer relationship.

For Workers

It is our thrust to provide Filipino workers with jobs overseas where the workers’ right are respected and protected. We place our workers in a work atmosphere that encourages growth and development and also ensure that they are offered enticing compensation and benefit packages.

For Employers

Likewise, to ensure that we fully satisfy the needs of employers in line with our aim to provide manpower excellence, STB-DJL Human Link, Inc. strictly adheres to effective thorough Recruitment and Selection Procedures, based on standard management principles and time-proven recruitment and selection processes. All these, are implemented at lightning speed to cater to the immediate needs of the employers.

Recruitment and Selection Procedures:
  Information Dissemination

Information Dissemination is the first step in the recruitment process. This is important, as this is the tool used by STB-DJL HUMAN LINK, INC. to meet the specific target workforce for its foreign employment. It is the standard practice of the company to advertise its needed workforce in leading newspapers in Metro Manila. In cases where recruitments are made in the provinces, STB-DJL Human Link, Inc. advertises only in leading local newspapers.

bullet  Briefing and Orientation

Briefing and Orientation is the policy of the company to require applicants to attend the Pre-application Briefing Session before the issuance of application forms. This is to acquaint them of the company’s procedures and requirements. This is also to provide the applicants with the basic knowledge of the foreign company’s profile as well as the specific country’s basic laws and labor policies.
Orientations are scheduled daily or at the time when the principal or representatives are in STB-DJL Human Link, Inc. to conduct their own personal interviews or trade tests.

bullet  Medical and Physical Examination / Drug Test

Foreign employers / principals are assured of applicants who are physically and mentally fit for overseas employment.
It is the policy of the company to require applicants to undergo medical check-ups and psychological examinations conducted by reputable institutions accredited and organized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. (POEA)

bullet  Trade Testing

The skilled applicants are trade-tested and ensured that they excel in the fields they are applying for. The domestic helpers and caretakers are required to undergo comprehensive training programs in reputable training centers accredited by TESDA.

bullet  Pre-Departure Briefing Seminar

The company provides Pre-Departure Briefing Seminars to enable selected applicants to adjust easily to the environment and culture of the destination country. This also familiarizes the OFW’s with the existing government laws of the country as well as the company policies of the employer. The seminars also include the Code of Conduct Overseas Filipino Workers, employment agreements and other important subjects necessary to inform the applicants their duties and responsibilities to the host country and employer.

bullet  Application Processing

It is the company’s target to be able to deploy the applicant within 15 to 30 days from the date of selection or upon receipt of their original job orders or contracts. Then company assures both the employers and the chosen applicant that the documentation will be processed at lightning speed.

Whenever an applicant is selected, the company immediately prepares all the necessary steps to ensure fast and hassle-free processing so that the applicant may be deployed to its destination country as soon as possible.

The company expedites the applicant’s submission of his/her passport, NBI Clearance, medical tests and all other necessary documents to speed up the processing of all documents. The company processes VISA’s, accrediation and other important papers in a fast, simple and systematic manner.

bullet  On-Site Management System

The company refers to the existing On-Site-Management-System in the host country, which aims to promote a harmonious working relationship between the OFW’s and their Employers and to encourage effective communication between the parties.

This is achieved by:
Appointing a Filipino representative and counterpart from the foreign country to monitor and assist our OFWs. Making scheduled visits to our workers at their jobsites in order to check the worker’s conditions and to propose and negotiate with the representatives of the foreign companies on ways and means of achieving harmonious Employee-Employer relationships;

Maintaining an open line or communicate with workers and foreign companies by receiving calls, evaluating and acting promptly on the messages/ request and providing advice and counsel.
Sending local newspapers and magazines to our OFW’s and supplying articles lessons on Filipino values and culture to foreign companies and vice versa.


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